About flyCaravelle.com

The flyCaravelle Flight Simulator is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience what it is like to fly a passenger airliner. The Caravelle flight simulator on the lovely island of Gotland in Sweden is the only operational Caravelle flight simulator world wide. It features state of the art technology yet retaining 100% of its original equipment from the early 1960s.

 Whether you’re an enthusiast, an aspiring pilot, or an experienced pilot looking to hone your skills, flyCaravelle can help you achieve your ambitions and dreams. Get in, set full thrust and get to know the world of aviation with this real aviation classic. You take off, land and operate the complex original cockpit by yourself. You will be looked after exclusively by experienced pilots. Experience first hand what it is like to fly this once revolutionary technology from the early days of the jet age @ flycaravelle flight simulator in Bunge, Gotland. With stunning visuals, realistic controls, smells, vibrations and superb audio, the experience is as immersive as flying a real airliner. 

We always start from your experience level and ensure we maximise your session for you. In the Caravelle cockpit, you’ll forget you’re flying in a simulator as the seamless 220-degree FULL HD all-round view projection draws you in. Bring your family and friends at no extra cost and share this experience. There is room for four more people in the cockpit and in the cabin behind the cockpit. 

So everyone can fly themselves and enjoy this flight simulator. With us on board the flyCaravelle flight simulator, you are the captain. You decide on the route of flight as well as the departure and destination airport. All other conditions, such as weather or system failures can be chosen by you.

We are looking forward welcoming you in Bunge, Gotland, Sweden.

About the owner

Nils Alegren, 40, at the age of 22 one of the youngest commercial pilots on a Fokker 100 in Austria and has now been flying around the world on Airbus wide-bodied aircraft for more than 14 years and has logged over 11,000 flight hours.

The entire family is or was working in the aviation industry, starting from his grandfather to his wife. His father was a Lufthansa captain for many years and his mother was a stewardess with Air France, BEA and Lufthansa, where they met.

He put four years, 5000 hours of work and a lot of money into the loving restoration of the legendary Caravelle, on which his mother once worked as a stewardess.


Check out the photos of the restoration and what F-BHRU c/n 058 looked like between 2012 and 2016.